ISKABUL AD manufactures a wide range of construction waste containers with volume from 1.5 m cub to 10 m cub.

The main market of the company is in Germany and therefore the company operates entirely according to the requirements of DIN standards (DIN 30720 and DIN 30735). We also manufacture containers according to customer requirements.

The standard steel thicknesses can be bottom / sides – 4/3; 5/3; 6/4. At the specific request of the client, they can be in another ratio.

The grips can be single or triple, and for each variant they can be single-sided or double-sided.

The color of the containers is at the customer’s request

At the customer’s request, the containers can be branded and / or include signal markings

For the customer’s convenience, one or several additional sprays may be included in the order

SEE drawings and plans here.