Construction waste containers

Garbage container

Garbage container

ISKABUL AD manufactures containers for household waste with round lid with a capacity of 1100 liters and for separate collection with flat plastic lid with a capacity of 660 liters to 1100 liters.

The containers are made entirely according to European standards: EN ISO 840 – 5, EN ISO 840 – 6, as type “flat plastic lid” corresponds to EN ISO 840 – 2, and type “round lid” – EN ISO 840 – 3. The hot-dip galvanizing meets the standard EN ISO 1461: 2009.

They can be serviced by cars that meet the standard EN 1501-01 or equivalent. This makes them convenient for use in both domestic and communal activities.

At the request of the client can be added:

  • pedal for foot opening of the lid;
  • paper or plastic inscription and/or logo;

SEE the technical characteristics here.